HEROPANTI 2 Movie Review

heropanti 2 movie review

Heropanti 2 Movie Review: Once there was a time in Bollywood when filmmakers faced budget cuts due to less investment. But they nailed it in terms of script, screenplay, direction, and execution. But today, Bollywood might be questioning itself, why? They are creating one of the worst messes at such a big investment.

Yes, I am talking about the recently released movie Heropanti 2. My god, how can somebody make such a horrible film. If filmmakers don’t care about the audience, at least they should have shown some courtesy in the name of their budget of 85 crores.


Heropanti 2 movie review

Heropanti 2  is taken as an example of creating a disgrace in the name of the movie. No, seriously, this movie was one of the much-awaited films of this year, but it failed miserably in this context. They wanted to make an action masala entertainer and wanted to deliver a unique film for cybercrime, but they failed in all aspects.

Heropanti 2  storyline is not something that sounds extraordinary. Still, the subject they chose(cybercrime) was something that could have been used at its full potential for better execution, but Mr Ahmed khan’s direction and Rajat Arora’s writing made it a nightmare.

I still remember my show’s occupancy was about 35%, but during intervals, I saw only 10-15 people left in the theatre( I feel sad for them, obviously).  There was literally no scene that could have created excitement for further movies.

The screenplay of the film was strictly below average. There is a cybercriminal Laila who, out of nowhere, gets involved in a tussle with a RAW officer. That’s it, seriously, that’s it. No conflicts, no tensions, no proper screenplay, nothing. This was one of the main reasons why this film was unable to make a connection with the audience.

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I want to sign a petition to stop choreographers to make films. Like Ahmed khan, why step in a direction when you can improve yourself in the field in which you are highly expert. Literally, waste the producer’s money in this mess. He should have paid attention to details, screenplay, storytelling, and dialogues, no proper character development, nothing.

heropanti 2

Tiger Shroff was no doubt good in some action sequences and stunts. But he should work on two things as an actor. 1. He should focus more on emotions. 2. He deserves a good director, like Siddharth and in war.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui was like a cheap version of joker in this film as Laila. His talent was wasted; if you want to show a character with intense psycho characteristics, write his character as per the cast. Tara Austria was one of the other useless things in this film.

She was like just another leaf on the tree. The cinematography was strictly average, and the dialogues were rubbish. The editing was decent. And a soundtrack by AR Rahman, sir. Seriously songs in this movie were the worst of Rahman sir’s career. Overall, if you are literally feeling very useless in your life, then go for this film.



ACTING –  1.5*