World Hindi Day is celebrated annually worldwide to play a tribute to the richness of Hindi language and it’s global influence

World Hindi Day

It’s observed on 10th January every year. Hindi is one of the most spoken language in the northern part of the country and ranks as the third-most spoken language in the world.


On January 10, 2006, Vishawa World Hindi Day was observed for the first time, aa per the directives of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. It is an occasion to recognize Hindi as a universal language.


World Hindi Day celebration 2024

In addition, the anniversary of the inaugural World Hindi Conference, which happened in 1975, is celebrated on 10th January. The inaugural event took place in Nagpur in 1975, when 122 delegates from 30 countries participated.


Indira Gandhi, the prime minister at the time, founded it with the intention of honoring the contribution made by writers, poet and scholars of Hindi to the language’s advancement by bringing them together on simple platform.


The 12th World Hindi Conference took place in Nadi, Fiji, during February 15-17 of last year. The government of Fiji worked with the organizers to plan the event. The meeting was jointly opened by Fijian President Rato William Katonivere and Minister of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar.


The World Hindi Conference’s topic was: “ Hindi: From Traditional Knowledge to Artificial Intelligence.” Fiji also released a commemorative postal stamp during the opening ceremony.


World Hindi Day is observed every year to spread awareness about the use of the Indian Language and issues with Hindi usage and promotion. Promoting the Hindi language’s culture legacy worldwide is one of the key objective of Vishwa Hindi Diwas celebration.


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Hindi, one of India’s official languages along with English and the official language of the government of the country, is an important part of the world’s linguistic and cultural landscapes.


In order to commemorate World Hindi Day, the language must be promoted and used in speeches, plays, music and other creative endeavors. The Ministry of External Affairs plans a number of events around the globe on this day to raise awareness of the language.


This day is the time to recognize Hindi’s significance in the global linguistic and cultural environment as well as it’s beauty and diversity.